The Elder Scrolls Online Gameplay

King Dynar has devised a two-pronged attack to take control of the Reaver Citadel. It utilizes the old Fighters and Mages Guilds’ halls located in this ancient Nirn city.
While the Fighters Guild troops use the secret passageways to enter the Fighters Guild hall, I need to find the ward key and deactivate the wards that seal the hall. But first, I’ll need to find my own way into the city.


The Elder Scrolls Online Gameplay

Vampires occupy the Orchard beyond the Chasm, somehow empowered by Molag Bal’s Harvest Heart. The vampires need to be dealt with before our forces can push forward toward the planar vortex.


The Elder Scrolls Online Gameplay

I have been playing The Elder Scrolls Online and I have enjoyed it very much. I recorded couple videos and here is one of them.

The army has been gathered and the time has come to take the battle to Molag Bal! But to reach the planar vortex at the heart of the Dark Lords inner sanctum, we have to cross the well-defended Chasm.


The Elder Scrolls Online Gameplay

In this video I will show you a quest The Shadow's Embrace which is part of the previous quest from the last video Into The Woods.

I decided to ask Faraniel for help getting into the tower. Before she shows me the secret, however, she wants me to help her convince the Wood Elves to leave the forest and stop working for Molag Bal.


The Elder Scrolls Online Gameplay

I came across an abandoned pack at the edge of a dark forest. The pack suggests that members of the Fighters Guild might have been here.

In this video I will show you a quest Into The Woods and you will also see high level Altmer sorcerer combat. Quest is located in Coldharbour.

With voiced dialogue.


The Elder Scrolls Online Gameplay

I'm at level 49 in The Elder Scrolls Online and I have reached Couldharbour as a playable playground. I recorded a video to show some high level sorcerer combat and abilities. I also tell some background info of Coldharbour in the video. One of the abilities that I'm using has become my personal favorite. Check out the video and see more.


Music Instrumental

So, I decided to publish couple of my music instrumentals also in here. I create these instrumentals with computer softwares. Here is one of them, A March From The Valley Of Death. I hope you like it, please give me some feedback.